Nieuws van ons team

    16 June 2023

    Are you ready for 2024 yet?

    Once again, it's a common question at this time of year.... What do you guys think of our prices? Followed by: what are others doing? How much inflation adjustment should I apply?

    So what do we think about the prices?

    It remains a balancing act: on the one hand, prices must go up, not least because of the continuing cost increases of energy, personnel, etc.. On the other hand, we see consumers who have less and less to spend. Moreover, we notice that we are entering a market in which the number of rental properties on offer is much greater than the demand.

    Putting together prices for the new season is a very difficult puzzle for many an entrepreneur. In the leisure industry there is an additional handicap: the opaque presentation of prices, sometimes including additional costs and sometimes not. The consumer regularly faces unpleasant surprises in the process. Fortunately, we know how to put some pieces of this difficult puzzle in the right place. Saves you work!

    In addition, you have to deal with other marketing factors that affect your situation. How do you maximize your sales without sacrificing your utilization? Our main advice in this is: move away from the static price list and make sure your prices are dynamic. Determine your bottom (!), and then get to work on your strategy: what target group suits you, what target group do you reach, at what point do you want to offer your guest and at what point are you willing and able to ask the guest for a higher price? Oor marketing colleagues at Prosuco are happy to think with you about these issues.

    So a lot of aspects to consider. That makes pricing a tough job! This is where we come to the rescue with our handy Dynamic Pricing tool. A tool that fully automates a large part of the composition of the prices. Depending on the occupancy rate and the period between booking date and arrival date, the price is automatically increased or decreased. In our opinion an indispensable tool for every recreational entrepreneur.

    Want to know more about it? Ask us about it!