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    16 June 2023

    Creativity and automation hand in hand at Zeehoeve Campground

    Combine the wish of Lammert Kleefstra (owner Camping Zeehoeve): 'less work checking in guests' with the clever application of automation and technology. Add a dash of creativity and voilà: the Zeehoeve campsite now has a real bus shelter with a check-in column.

    Ideal solution

    Lammert says of this ideal solution, "I am now open to guests 24 hours a day, without having to employ staff."

    The column is linked to the reservation system: the guest books, pays and checks in directly himself. Even the barrier is linked and opens automatically when the booking is complete."

    Christiaan Slager of Tommy Booking Support adds: "guests can even pick their own spot via the floor plan."

    "Of course everything works in multiple languages, you can pay (contactless) by pin and the layout for the booking and check-in process is fully adapted to Camping Zeehoeve."

    Finally, the column is weatherproof and hufterproof, so that Camping Zeehoeve meanwhile is completely unconcerned about seeing the barrier regularly open just like that. From the easy chair.