Camping de Nollen & Camping de Lepelaar chose Tommy Booking in 2021

Deze twee prachtige campings kozen onlangs voor de overstap naar Tommy Booking. Beide bedrijven liggen in Noord-Holland, dichtbij de kust. Er wordt hard gewerkt aan verduurzaming, wat bijvoorbeeld is terug te zien in unieke duurzame accommodaties.

Tommy Booking also realized the link with van Hees electricity meters for both campsites. This allows the power supply and the number of amperes to be switched off or on from Tommy.

All in one solution

Along with the transition to Tommy Booking, marketing partner Prosuco also completely revamped the websites. A pleasant combination, so that all of Tommy's online booking possibilities are also fully utilized on both websites: en

Dennis Ros: “Working with Tommy Booking is very enjoyable. Perfect that we have instant access everywhere thanks to working in the cloud. In addition, we are happy with the speed and user-friendliness of Tommy. Our whole team wouldn't want anything else!”

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