Camping De Norgerberg

Camping, renting and special accommodation and of course to book through Tommy

Camping De Norgerberg and Tommy 2.0

Camping de Norgerberg, with its variety of rental accommodations and camping pitches is a very versatile leisure company with focus on the perfect customer journey.

Besides all the standard features Tommy 2.0 has to offer, De Norgerberg also uses Tommy 2.0 as a CRM system. Thanks to the good Cloud solution, guest information is now available everywhere and Norgerberg responds seamlessly to the needs of their guests. 

  1. Extensive notes on reservation and guest level
  2. Data is in the Cloud
  3. Clear guest history with an overview of features and/or comments
  4. Extensive Search & Book on the website using our API, which the web builder of Norgerberg has easily implemented on the website.
  5. Unlimited number of workstations and/or employees 

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"Tommy 2.0 helps us to make the perfect customer journey."

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