"With Tommy and Prosuco we have made a very nice new start since 2018. The teams of Tommy and Prosuco think along with the developments we are going through as a company and we are very happy with this cooperation"

Danielle van den Heuvel - owner Kriemelberg Bushcamp

In 2018, the Kriemelberg chose to switch to Tommy and realize a corresponding new website through marketing partner Prosuco.

This resulted in a recipe for success: more insight, better occupancy and an appropriate look to match the transformation of the Kriemelberg itself: increasingly tourist rentals with the look and feel of a contemporary "bush camping" in the middle of the Veluwe forests.

A sampling of some of the features Kriembelberg is pleased with:

  • Seamless integration of all online booking capabilities on the website
  • Lots of variety in rental accommodations, each with its own look
  • New accommodations are easy to add
  • Easy entry and management of prices
  • Automatic arrival and departure emails to guests

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