"A collaboration that we have enjoyed immensely for many years"

Pim Meijkamp - Owner Vakantiepark Delftse Hout

Vacation park Delftse Hout is located on the outskirts of Delft and can rightly be called a very special city campground. This park went through a true metamorphosis in recent years, with the ultra-modern and sustainable sanitary building with Delft blue tile wall as the eye-catcher.

Vacation Park Delftse Hout has also been working with Tommy for many years and has even been a user from "the very first hour. Some of the benefits they experience:

  • Lots of overview through comprehensive management reports
  • Wide range of links with tour operators, so international audiences also know how to find Delftse Hout well
  • Dynamic Pricing: automatically adjusting prices based on the occupancy rate and days to arrival to elapse
  • All-in-one service: the website & marketing are provided by partner Prosuco

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