Camp site

From 10 to 1000+ seats: you deploy all functions modularly. This makes Tommy best for any size of business. In addition, Tommy's subscription price is appropriate to your number of camping, seasonal and annual pitches.

Holiday park

Do you have to deal with different (rental) accommodations, owners of vacation homes, access control, automatic door locks, energy management: Tommy provides everything, if available via connections or modules.


Want to make it easy for your guests to arrive and leave (automatically)? Tommy has the perfect solution for you with the check-in kiosk. This enables your guest to book and pay on the spot. Ideal for camperparks without a reception desk.

Group accommodation

Perfect if you want to rent out your accommodation for different group sizes. With Tommy you can efficiently rent out your accommodation(s) in various configurations.

... other unique leisure business

Above all, tell us who you are and what you are looking for: we'll tell you right away what we can do for you!