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We understand that you would like to know how to use Tommy's online reservation system for your recreation business. What features are important to you, what extras are important to you, what links can you use?

We are happy to list all of Tommy's features for you, but we prefer to give you personal advice on how to use Tommy! To do so, please fill out our contact form of call directly 0318-495888

Content basic package

  • Basic data: easily manage basic data, accommodations, locations, prices, items, discounts, packages, benefit cards.
  • Bookings: make a reservation, quote or option in three easy steps.
  • Dashboard: easily manage bookings, options and offers. Instantly see which guests are arriving and departing.
  • Plan board: clear overview of bookings, available locations via map, drag and drop of bookings, direct booking from plan board.
  • Overviews: statistics, night register, meter readings, guest file, wizard reporting.
  • Finance: open items, i-Deal, reading payments, links with financial packages.
  • Personalised: easily manage your own user settings.
  • Management: user creation, notifications, service desk and others.
  • Online booking: classic online booking, search & book and price matrix

Discover the benefits of Tommy 2.0

Our online booking system works entirely in the Cloud, which means considerable cost savings. After all, you no longer need a server. In addition, the simple back office ensures a more efficient working method. Thanks to the various automated processes, there is a very low risk of errors. Tommy 2.0 is also very easy to use by all employees.

You will see that by working with Tommy 2.0, you will achieve more sales and more online bookings. Booking has never been easier.