From AICN Automation to Tommy Booking Support

Nearly 40 years of history

The development of automation in recreation

The development and history of automation in recreation is inextricably linked to Tommy Booking Support (formerly AICN Automation). A special story that now goes back almost 40 years!

How it started

Almost 40 years ago, AICN (Automatiserings Instituut Centraal Nederland) was founded. In these years a lot has changed. In the start-up years, AICN was concerned with advice on hardware and software to be used and their supply. AICN also gave practical help in installing computers and software and provided courses to help customers get started on computers.

Specialization in the recreation industry

In the late 1980s (1987), AICN presented the reservation package "Camputer". Specially developed for vacation parks, at the request of a number of Veluwe Vakantieland Campsites (VVC).

Reservation, invoicing, planning board, integrated administration (Unicum) and even the barrier (KP-3200) could already be linked then. In the late 1990s (1998), Camputer's successor came on the market; 'Eurecrea'.

The "Virtual Travel Agency" followed in 1999. This allowed the parks to start their own travel agency on the Internet so that guests could book on-line. In 2001 the Virtual Travel Agency was succeeded by Virtual Booking. As the 1st automation company, AICN presented software at the Recron fair that allowed guests to make their reservations completely on-line. This innovative solution immediately won the Recron Innovation Trophy.

Eurecrea eventually became Eurecrea GX (Windows version). Over the years the program developed further. More and more (advanced) functionalities were added because the developments in the field of automation went very fast.

Start of Tommy Booking Support

In 2009, AICN came up with new development: a cloud solution for small-scale recreation, Tommy 1.0. This package turned out to be a hit. Within 5 years, more than 400 companies were using this user-friendly software. Ever larger companies discovered the advantages of a package in the cloud and started using Tommy 1.0.

From the larger customers with Tommy 1.0 came more and more requests for expansion of the package. Eurecrea GX customers also saw the success and advantages of a cloud solution. In response, AICN decided to develop a completely new package. In November 2015, AICN introduced Tommy 2.0 at the Recreation Trade Fair in Hardenberg.

Tommy 2.0 was developed with the latest technology and features (modular) extensive functionality. This makes Tommy 2.0 suitable for any type of recreation company. And the developments continue! Recently, the Dynamic Pricing option was introduced.

A completely new version is expected in the fall of 2023.

For 30 years of personal experience in the recreation industry

Frank Luken has been with AICN since 1988. From sales consultant to director. More than 30 years of personal experience in the recreation industry and that is worth its weight in gold. "I think there are few recreation companies in the Netherlands where I have not been in the past 30 years. It is and remains an incredibly fun industry where a day visiting 'customers' is always enjoyable. The recreation industry is changing rapidly and no day is the same. Even now, together with our clients, we are busy looking at trends in the market and their influence on their automation and marketing strategy".

In 2006, Frank Luken also partnered with associate Gerben Weening, director of Prosuco, a full-service marketing agency specializing in the recreation industry. "Automation and marketing have become inseparable. A good marketing strategy stands or falls with the correct use of your automation and the information you gather from it". Therefore, Tommy and Prosuco are working intensively together, a team of ICT people, marketers and users ensure the best results together.

There are now more than 1,000 recreation companies working with Tommy Booking Support; a number to be proud of!