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  • Complete basic package
  • Tour operator connection
  • Online payment
  • Kassa Software
  • Owner Connection
  • Access Control Connection
  • Qliksense Dashboards

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Content basic package

  1. Basic data: easy management of basic data, accommodations, locations, prices, items, discounts, packages, discount cards.
  2. Bookings: Make a reservation, offer or option in three simple steps.
  3. Dashboard: Easily manage bookings, options and quotes. Instantly see which guests are arriving and departing.
  4. Planboard: Clear overview of bookings, available locations via map, drag and drop bookings, book directly from planboard.
  5. Overviews: Statistics, night register, meter readings, guest file, wizard reporting.
  6. Financial: Outstanding items, iDeal, Reading payments, links to financial packages.
  7. Personal: Easily manage your own user settings.
  8. Management: Create users, notifications, service desk and others.
  9. Online booking: Classic online booking, Search & Book and price matrix

Discover for yourself the advantages of Tommy 2.0 

Our online booking system works entirely in the cloud and therefore provides significant cost savings. This is because you no longer need a server. In addition, the simple back office ensures a more efficient way of working. Because of the various automated processes there is a very low chance of errors. Tommy 2.0 is also very easy to use for all employees.

You will see that by working with Tommy 2.0 you will achieve more turnover and more online bookings, because your guests can book online quickly and easily.

The basic package of Tommy 2.0 is already very complete and has many features. Read on for an overview of the features in the basic package.

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