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The successful deployment of Tommy's automation products rests on three main pillars:

  1. The wishes & needs of our customers are always central
  2. Developed on the basis of Innovative Standard Open Cloud software (ISOC)
  3. All processes are always optimally controllable

Customer-centric focus

Although this pillar resembles an open door, it remains an important open door for our organisation and for all our customers: we always automate to ensure that processes and working methods become more efficient for our users. This sometimes also means that, as an automation specialist, we prefer a different approach or solution to a proposed method of working, to ensure that all users benefit from it. Our more than 30 years of experience in the recreation sector plays an important role in this: we think along with you and look ahead.



We keep ahead of our competition by thinking innovatively & differently. The world is changing... so we're going with it! This is reflected in the use of the latest software techniques and the deployment of a team of professionals in the Recreation sector and the use of the latest software tools.

We keep thinking in standards. The wheel has already been invented... so we're going to think about how we can make it run even better, smarter and more efficiently. Standards in software development provide stability and quality. In this way, maintenance costs remain manageable and quality is guaranteed.

Our software is open and accessible for links to other solutions. An important basis in the recreation industry! Think of links with cash register systems, online payment platforms, access systems, report generators, etc.

Cloud (SaaS)
We offer our software "via the Cloud". In practice, this means that our software is accessible and fully usable via the web browser.

This means that the user no longer has to deal with software updates, backup processes, etc. The term also used for this is 'Software as a Service' (Saas). An evolution in user-friendliness and manageability of application software, for both the developing party and the end user.

Managing processes

All kinds of processes take place within every organisation. Automation should help to control these processes by linking them together and thereby making efficient use of resources and information. The use of Tommy's automation products plays a central role in the organization. Keeping information flows & processes manageable is then crucial. We assume that our users do not keep track of information in multiple systems, but are able to see information about their relationships at a glance.

That is why the A.P.I. (Application Programming Interface) is a crucial part of Tommy. This API allows Tommy to communicate with other programs.

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